Wedding Trends - Past & Present

Times have changed a lot in the past decade or so. Simple and traditional weddings, traditionally held in in Churches are no longer the norm. People want to add that extra glitter and pizazz not available in Churches for their wedding ceremonies as well as for wedding receptions too. People want to make their wedding ceremony an occasion that their guests will remember for a long time to come. Thanks to this demand, an increasing number of venues are coming up that offer their space for rental for birthday parties as well as for weddings. An increasing number of residents of Staffordshire are nowadays opting for thematic weddings. No doubts, it costs much more for these types of marriage ceremonies, but people are willing to shell out the extra money in order to ensure that their guests remember this special day, and that the event remains etched permanently in their minds. If you reside in Staffordshire and are on the lookout for hosting such a memorable event for yourself and your spouse, then look no further than staffordshire wedding venues. The most important thing to look out for is the space offered by such venues. It should be enough to accommodate all of your guests.

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Wedding trends of 2018

In most cases, the type of venue you book typically sets the tone for your wedding. There is a recent trend of people moving towards industrial looking venues, which are more like a blank canvas, which the couple can redecorate according to their wishes. An increasing number of people are searching for venues that offer lots of space, which allows the couple to host thematic weddings, where invitees are supposed to wear clothes, suitable for the theme of the wedding. There is no doubt that many brides are searching for alternative and unique venues for their wedding that helps them show off their personality and individuality. However, the latter part of 2018 is witnessing a change in which people are moving back to the basics... typically a minimalistic look in which polished details and natural lights are the key. Individuals are nowadays resorting to decorate the dining table with flowers in dusky and soft shades that run the entire length of the table. They also prefer long and low wedding centrepieces rather than the traditional tall arrangement.

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People nowadays prefer popular music bands rather than the disk jockey in Staffordshire wedding venues. They give a special effect to the entire ceremony. People are also hiring the services of well known mentalists who specialise in hypnosis, magic, and mentalism. Apart from providing fun for the invitees, these professionals add to the enjoyment and fun of the wedding. It can prove to be difficult to arrange all these things on your own. Hire a professional thematic wedding company to make the arrangements on your behalf. You only need to tell them about your budget and the number of guests you are expecting, and they will provide you with details about different types of Staffordshire wedding venues.